The Storm

by Akeem Balogun


“The Storm is a triumph of both form and content, evoking the weirdness and wonder of relating in the digital age, by turns funny, dark and touching.”

— Ray Robinson, author of Electricity

The Storm will be available in paperback (left) and in a limited, signed hardback edition (right). To be made aware of pre-orders, please enter your email here



Release date: 19/10/2020 | ISBN PP: 978-1-8380441-0-7 | ISBN HB: 978-1-8380441-1-4

Through thirteen remarkably different stories, The Storm uses the intimacy of an evocative and volatile landscape to explore the very basics of human survival, all told in a distinct and slender style of prose.

In “Eden”, a sister longing for her brother goes to extremes to be reunited with her deceased sibling.

In “Bonfire Hero”, a doubtful and tired vigilante watches the streets beneath him deteriorate.

In “Buddhatarium”, personifications of tranquillity can be bought and exploited, becoming the only way for a father to keep his family together.

In this collection, Akeem Balogun shows us the often questionable ways that extraordinary people deal with extreme crisis and how ordinary human relationships can become distorted in severe conditions.

Its cover is an original painting by Arantza Pardo, while the audiobook will be performed by the exceptional dub artist and poet Rider Shafique.

Akeem Balogun is a writer based in Sheffield, UK, whose fiction has appeared in Pomme Journal, Writing as Resistance, Now Then Magazine and elsewhere. He has also collaborated with the likes of Found Fiction and Festival of the Mind to create project themed stories. The Storm is his first book. For more about him please visit his website.

The Storm is scheduled for release on October 19th 2020.

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